Press and Media Accreditation

Press and Media Accreditation

Press and Media Accreditation. All film crew members are by law supposed to be accredited by the Media Council. Once this process is completed, each crew member will be given a media card, In Uganda this costs USD175.00 for 30 days of filming and USD225.00 for up to 60 days of filming. Each crew member is required to fill out Form G (which we normally send to you) with all details, scan it, and send it back to us with a copy of his/her passport as well as one photograph to be put on his/her media card. On top of this, we will need a letter from the filming company detailing who they are, why they are filming, where they will be filming and details of crew members on this shoot. We will attach this letter to all the details provided and send them to the Uganda Media Council for Media card processing. This takes 2-3 working days to have these media cards ready.


Before you shoot, you will require a filming permit from relevant authorities to shoot in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Given our drawn-out collaboration and contacts in all these two nations, we will advise you on the best course with respect to locations, permits and choices available. Prior to your shoot, we will do area exploring for your sake to ensure that the correct locations for your shoot are made available.  We will visit these areas in Ethiopia and Eritrea and send you photographs or recordings if necessary, to assist you in making proper plans ahead of your proposed shoot. We will look and profit neighborhood ability if necessary since we work with trusted Casting organizations in Ethiopia and Eritrea.  For additional insights regarding your pre-production services including, filming permits, kit customs clearing, location scouting, visa, transport and all other logistics, mercifully send us an email.


Eco Film Fixers will guarantee that all applicable filming permits are applied for and prepared in advance with significant government bodies and private agencies where applicable. All logistics including transport, accommodation and fixers will be pre-masterminded and paid ahead of time to ensure that your shoot move on as planned. We will allocate you a line producer or fixer who will fix everything with the goal that your shoot goes on easily. With the right visa/work permit and paperwork for your kit/filming equipment, entry to Ethiopia and Eritrea will be hassle-free from the word go. Kindly send us an email so that we can start the discussion.


After your shoot, we will cross-check everything including your filming equipment, and press it prepared for transportation to the air terminal, Our vehicles will be on backup and our clearing Agent will hang tight for you at the Airport to ensure that you exist without issue.  It is therefore safe to say that you are keen on shooting in Ethiopia and Eritrea with us. We have the ideal answer for all your line production and fixer services in any of these two locations. Feel free to send us an email for further discussion.