Filming the Historical sites in Somaliland

Filming in Hargeisa the Capital of Somaliland

Hargeisa is the Capital and largest city of Somaliland. It is located in the Marood Jeex region of Somaliland. It is also the major hub of Somaliland. Hargeisa International Airport (HGA) connects the city with a variety of locations in East Africa countries and this is the best way to get to Hargeisa city.

Some of the local landmarks and major filming locations include the Central Market (Suuqa Bacadlaha), Jama Mosque on the Independence Rd, Livestock Market (South-eastern side of town) where Hundreds of Somali farmers come to buy and sell their livestock daily, including sheep, camels, goats and cattle.

Lodge options to stay in during filming in Hargeisa range from Budget, mid-range to luxury options. You will choose what to stay in depending on your interests and budget. Options include Ambassador Hotel, Maan-Soor Hotel, Oriental Hotel and Red Sea Hotel. Hargeisa has a few high-end hotels but we recommend Sugaal Hotel. Contact us here for booking and reservation details

Requirements and fees to film in Hargeisa

You will need to get permission to be allowed to film in Hargeisa. Contact us here and we will help you secure a filming permit. In most cases permission to film is arranged on the local level, often on the same day. Allow extra location fees if need be. More complicated shoots that require street closures or larger setups or travel to unsafe locations require more lead time. Shoots in more remote locations are generally more expensive and require more preparation.

Unauthorized filming, photography or any other recording of government buildings, military installations and key infrastructure such as airports and border controls, bridges, and public buildings, as well as of religious sites such as mosques is illegal while filming in Somaliland. Penalties may include arrest, fines and confiscation of your filming equipment. Please contact us here for more information on filming in Hargeisa.

On top of the above you will need to cover accommodation, Visas and work permits, fixer fees and transport for a successful shoot in Hargeisa as below;

How to Get a Somaliland Visa

You will need to purchase a Somaliland visa to allow you entry in Somaliland. Please note that Somaliland’s visa policy constantly changes. Visiting Somaliland is not the same as visiting Somalia. It is a completely different visa system.

The Department of Immigration of Somaliland decided starting April 2019 to give visa on arrival to a certain number of countries, citizens of the EU, Canada, USA, Brazil, China, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, Members of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) such as Saudi, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and IGAD Region Countries planning to visit Somaliland for tourism purpose can now get a visa on arrival at all ports of entry into the country.

If you cannot get the visa on arrival the easiest way of getting the visa is through the London, Washington or Addis Ababa consulates. You will need a valid passport, two passport size photos, $80-$100 USD, your hotel and contact person details (we shall provide this to you)

Proof of yellow fever vaccination and a COVID-19 free certificate may be asked if arriving from affected countries. Visa, work permit and other entry and exit conditions such as customs and quarantine regulations can change regularly. We advise you contact your local embassy or Contact us here for the latest travel information to Somaliland.

Vehicle Hire Services in Somaliland

Eco film fixers will help you organize transport for film crews to film in Hargeisa depending on their interest, budget and the nature of roads in such selected locations to film. We recommend Customized 4x4WD Land Cruisers. For us to estimate how much it will cost in terms of fuel, we will need to look at your filming schedule to establish mileage and distance to be travelled.

Film Fixers in Somaliland to help you film in Hargeisa

All our vehicles come with drivers who act as location fixers and most of them have been to almost all parts of Somaliland and are thus conversant with the local situations and are able to provide relevant information and fix any situation on ground. These act as intermediaries between you and our office while on location in Somaliland. Contact us here if you are in need of a Film fixer in Somaliland to help you film in Hargeisa.

What is the best time to film in Hargeisa

Filming in Hargeisa is done throughout the year and the best time is during the Hagaa winter dry season from December to March.

Why use Eco film fixers to film in Hargeisa

Eco film fixers is a local fixer company in Ethiopia, we assist filming companies and Production agencies in Ethiopia and Somaliland. We handle all fixer services required with our professional team of local fixers and driver guides. We have all relevant connections with other service providers and government agencies in Somaliland to make sure that accreditation and filming permits for filming in Somaliland are processed in the shortest time possible. Contact us for details and all relevant information you would like to know for successful filming in Hargeisa.